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Valetonina was designed with an innovative approach that allows the release of its two components at different times, thus ensuring double and prolonged action.

On the one hand, the coating of Valetonina tablets containing melatonin dissolves rapidly, helping to reduce sleeping time, and on the other hand the tablet core contains Valerian (root extract) released in the second year, favoring relaxation. The result is a prolonged and calm sleep in normal rhythm, which should not be a luxury for modern man suffering from insomnia due to the reduction of endogenous melatonin production or stress.

Valetonina is a nutritional supplement with documented action to promote sleep, physically and provenly a valuable ally to combat the effects of jet-lag or time zone syndrome, relieving significantly of the typical symptoms of this disorder biorhythm, such as loss of mental alertness or feeling of fatigue during the day.

Valetone contains per tablet: 100 mg of Valerian and 1 mg of Melatonin