The e-shop galinos4all.grwas established in August 2013 and is the electronic form of the pharmacy "Alvanoudi Nerantzia" which has been operating in Orestiada, GREECEsince 1997.

In our e-shop you will find cosmetics,foods supplements and baby care products of high quality at friendly prices,as well as advice and information concerning the correct use of our merchandise. Our products are delivered all over Greece and abroad.

Our main target is the most profitable use of our cutting-edge and innovative products offered to our customers who can seek, whenever they think they need it, help from our highly qualified staff.

You can also visit our blog beauty4all.grwhere you can leave your comments and remarks which we assure you,will be taken seriously into account.

Attention: According to greek law, all sales of drugs through internet are prohibited. Welcome and we hope you will enjoy your purchases from our e-shop.

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